Frankie Goes to Fultonville

I never imagined or intended this blog would take me to the topic of sex-ed but when you see this quote from the Recorder article titled “Sex Education courses rattles F-F parents“, I just can’t help myself:

Parent … came straight forward and announced that she was “absolutely appalled that my son would be learning things like penis size doesn’t matter, or that masturbation causes pleasure.”

So this leads me to conclude that some parents are clearly advocating that penis size does matter and how dare we teach that it does not? (Let me just say that I’ve made this very same argument several times but it’s always been met with smirks and , on one occasion at least , a fit of uncontrollable laughter. )

And finally why are adults telling the secret every parent knows: that masturbation causes pleasure. If we say nothing, they’ll never figure it out! Shhhh! I hope this story stays local as there will be a masturbatory pandemic afflicting teens across the country if this story goes national.

Now I know what the writers on The Daily Show feel like when handed a perfect straight line.

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