The Blight of the GASD

Here’s a fun exercise in cognitive dissonance.

First, this article from the Daily Gazette on the blighted properties in the city with the following lead-in:

— Mayor Ann Thane has a folder three inches thick of complaints from residents about overgrown vegetation, garbage and blighted properties.

“It’s the number one complaint among constituents,” she said.

Second, the very recent spike in PR from Supt Limoncelli and the GASD on how closing Bacon saved money and jobs. Perhaps we’re trying to burnish and salvage our legacy a bit?
And finally, the cognitive dissonance — the community hates blight yet their largest public institution (the school district) lauds itself on what a great job they’re doing for the taxpayers by adding properties to the list. Really?!

Take a look at the pictures below and rationalize how this does not contribute to blighting its neighborhood and not further adding to the list of blighted properties in the city. Heckuva job GASD board and administration and constituents who buy the GASD spin.

Bacon School - Pride in our communityWelcome to Bacon Elementary Pyramid Brokerage -- pride in real estate signageDetail in slide at Sassafrass Park- Grafitti detail Grafitti detailGarffiti detailMore graffiti

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