Cultural Posers

Apparently the GASD and Supt Limoncelli did not support a class trip to Peru as the students would miss approximately 7 class days. Naturally the advocate for the trip, Spanish teacher Diana Foote, felt that the experience would have proved a rich experience. I have to agree with Ms Foote.

Interestingly the board and superintendent do support cultural enrichment but on a local scale. As part of the magnet program in ‘International Studies’, students can learn about Spanish culture by visiting Garcia’s Mexican restaurant. Because nothing teaches you more about a country’s culture than eating from an Americanized, suburbanized, commercialized menu ostensibly representing that country’s authentic cuisine. Certainly the Olive Garden will teach you the rich history of Italy; the China Buffet will teach you about Chinese culture (also supported and funded by the district); and so on.

I’m bewildered as to how 7 days of classroom time can be equated to 7 days in Peru or any country for that matter.

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