Minding the Third Ward

I saw this on the WVTL news site today:

Amsterdam Police have charged an adult and two juveniles with making graffiti following an incident Wednesday night at Bacon School.


This week, Third Ward residents complained at a City Hall meeting of vandalism at Bacon School.

I understand that the meeting at City Hall involved the participation of the Third Ward alderwoman, Kim Brumley.
I’ve posted pictures of Bacon school vandalism previously on this blog relating to the blight issue and how the GASD  should be held accountable for adding to the blight by closing Bacon.
That said, I’d like to raise a question: who will advocate for resolving the blight of Bacon school for the Third Ward?
I’m concerned that Alderwoman Brumley as an employee of the GASD and as a member of the Common Council for the third ward faces a conflict of interest. Advocating for resolving the blight at Bacon or   advocating for reopening the school means challenging her employer. On the other hand, supporting the GASD board and administration on a ‘status quo’ means not serving her third ward constituents as the property will only deteriorate more and more if nothing is done.
I’m curious as to how she will navigate this conflict of interest.
Perhaps she will follow the path of the former Alderman Nicosia who viewed the issue as a  GASD board issue and one which an alderperson shares no ownership or voice. So he did and said nothing to keep the school open and avoid yet another blighted property.
Perhaps she shares the view of Arthur Brumley whose advocacy for closing Bacon brings us to where we are today all under the guise of ‘tax cutting’ and ‘financial management’ for the city at the expense of the third ward. (Never mind that the savings from closing Bacon are more mythical than an elf flying on a Pegasus. )
Perhaps she will have to declare that indeed this is a conflict-of-interest and not choose either side which in the end means that nothing will happen.
I think Ms. Brumley should articulate her plans for the Third Ward and her plans for the Bacon property. She owes it to her constituents in the Third Ward.

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