Open Thread: Coverage of GASD Scores

Update July 1, 2008:

I’m going to post excerpts of comments from RugCity which pretty much nails it. (Bold highlights added by me):

RugCity writes:

  1. I was wondering the same exact thing. The Recorder should have run a comprehensive article with graphs like you’ve posted. On the surface the results are not that eye-opening because overall scores are not that much different from the previous two year average, but individual grades & scores do have some pretty dramatic swings. Most alarming and newsworthy to me is the ELA scores where nearly half the students are not proficient, and worse, 22% of the Third Graders at McNulty score at the lowest possible level and 30% of the Fourth graders at Curie score at the lowest possible level on the ELA. In many instances ZERO kids scored at Level 4 highest proficiency. This may suggest that the kids w/most potential are indeed being dragged down by trying to remediate the lower level kids. I shrug off Math scores unless they are dismally low because Math is far easier to remediate than reading & writing.My initial reaction is obviously very neagative, but I’d also like to step back and consider some of the positive trends and perspectives once I get over the fact that these consistently depressing ELA scores go unscrutinized by anyone in our area.In my next response I’ll share my thoughts on a district that I previously lived in that was even more socioeconomically distressed than ours, yet consistently produces 95-99% proficient level scores. As a preview look up Lincoln & Pennington Grimes Schools in Mount Vernon, NY-truly amazing what this guy Principal Albano has pulled off.


  1. & I left out perhaps the most disturbing thing of all- 65% of Third graders at McNulty are NOT proficient on the ELAs- wow.

I may have missed it but I’m not seeing any coverage or discussion of the New York State Report Cards for the Greater Amsterdam School District in the papers or elsewhere. I’m especially curious if the elementary scores created any buzz.


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