The Disquieting Silence on GASD Report Cards

It’s just amazing to me that the recent GASD test scores have absolutely no coverage in the press (Daily Gazette and Amsterdam Recorder), no coverage on the GASD Web site and no coverage at the recent school board meeting. I understand the silence from the GASD as it’s consistent with their disregard for transparency and accountability on academic outcomes. But the lack of coverage by the local media and public institutions (the school district) should serve as a reminder of how poorly they serve in educating and informing our community on important issues.

As my previous posts and reader comments indicate, the test scores raise important questions on the academic performance and governance of the school district that should be addressed in the public discourse. However it’s impossible to engage in a meaningful discourse without having the attendant information and knowledge to the broader community. It’s this dereliction of duty by our local press coupled with a meek, weak, spineless community willing to accept the status-quo on academic performance that brings us to where we are today.

It’s no wonder that the board and administration can tout the gains by the middle school as ‘progress’ and ostensibly ‘success’ as long as you don’t consider how it was allowed to flounder in the first place. It’s no wonder that the magnet programs are deemed ‘visionary’ as long as you don’t look at the actual performance of our magnet schools. And it’s no wonder that you feel like bashing your head against the wall.

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