Killing My Blog?

I’ve not posted in a while so I wanted to explain the reasons why.

First, I’ve been enjoying the summer so more often than not I’m outside versus inside. Summer passes much too quickly so I try to take advantage of every minute.

Second, I’m not finding any engaging topics. So I could write ‘fluff’ to fill the space or I could write about stuff that I just don’t care that much about. I’d rather write about important stuff — at least to me– than just post so the blog looks active. Now you could argue that this post is fluff and in fact I am just posting for the sake of ‘freshness’. Point taken.

Third, I’m frankly a bit burned out on trying to figure out Amsterdam so I think I just need a break for a bit to think outside of the box or at least Exit 27.

While my summer break may ‘kill my blog’ and goes against the cardinal rules of blogging, I’m hopeful a fresh start will bring the eyeballs back in a few weeks. So enjoy the sunshine, the lakes, the coast and wherever else summer takes you. I know I will.


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