Pass the Prozac

Once again, another issue gets framed by the GASD as emotional. In yesterday’s Recorder, GASD President, Gina DeRossi used the term “emotional” to describe the situation at the Walter Elwood Museum.(I apologize but I can’t locate the specific article name)
I think there must be a training manual for the board  that whenever an issue with any complexity and controversy presents itself,  the issue must be framed as emotional. Certainly no other rational basis for the opposition to the GASD decision exists than some emotional imbalance on the part of the community. Does the board ever ask itself why its actions drive so many members of the community to exhibit these emotional outbursts? Or is the GASD board just clinically trained to diagnose emotional behaviors? Maybe a jar of pharmaceuticals should be present for the community at each board meeting.
I no longer have any confidence that the board considers or weighs any impacts of their decisions on the overall community. So what if the community loses a historic resource? Who cares what happens to the collection of the museum? So what if we lose a number of jobs? Who cares and so what is really the underlying mantra of the board to the community.
I may have to rescind my kudos for Ms DeRossi’s opposition to the sale after reading about her concern of spending $7000 dollars to put the matter to a public vote. This tells me that the collective value of the museum to the board is worth less than $7000; why else table the matter?As a matter of context, the total school district budget is $52 million dollars so rationalizing a $7000 expense, 0.013% of the total budget, is laughable especially when it is a matter of public interest.
If you want to understand why the marketability and viability of this community suffer (and why ex-Amsterdamians post to my blog to say “suffer Amsterdam suffer”), you really need to step back and look at how things get valued or devalued in the local community. People in this city will fight to establish a C&D landfill but do nothing to preserve perhaps the only public remnant of culture and arts in the community. This community loves the concept of MOSA but would scoff at the notion of a MoMA or MoCA as vital to the community. Pathetic.
If the museum is permanently shuttered, remember that it’s a $7000 decision. And that’s a community you can be proud of.

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    I have been reading your posts for a while and I appreciate your sensibility.

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