A Done Deal

While today’s Recorder article , “Future of museum undecided “, quotes a board member as  characterizing the board’s position as (paraphrasing) “exploring alternatives” with the Walter Elwood Museum, I’m not buying it.

If alternatives were on the table, I’m curious as to why the school board and administration are  not working on a transition plan with the museum. From what I can glean from the public statements, the only ‘dialog’ between the GASD and the museum occurs at the public meetings. To reach a plan assuring the operation of the museum, the dialog must be more robust than one-way public comment at the school board meetings. So the most likely scenario at this point will see the district selling the building and displacing the museum. Why am I so pessimistic?

First, the public statements to date from the district and administration lack any spirit of compromise or collaboration with the museum. Second, the statements deny any broader responsibility to the broader community. Third, the district views most of its decisions through a distorted financial lens. As you recall, the justification for spending of $7,000 for a public referendum, or even more to remediate the bats,  to assure the continued viability of the museum did not pass the board’s financial hurdle rate.

Finally, the board will simply let the clock run into discussions of next year’s budget. Then the board will adopt the mantra of “tough mindedness”, “protecting the taxpayer”, yadda, yadda to justify not funding the museum and dangling the proceeds of the sale of the building to the taxpayers.

I hope to be proven wrong.

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