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Michael Lazarou does not like my blog. I don’t think he likes me either.
In his Recorder piece , “To share your opinion, log in and blog on”,  Mr. Lazarou characterizes this blog and author as:

  • the skewed information that a blog can present over the Internet without accountability
  • other type of blog which I refer to as a UB (Unidentified Blog) is one I consider to be disingenuous.
  • one who enforces their own ideas upon others in a bias manner via intergalactic Internet.
  • But when it comes from an unknown source I value it as worthless information.
  • Wouldn’t it be nice if you didn’t have to divulge your name when submitting letters to the editor? Just think of having the ability to write whatever your heart desires without damaging name or reputation.
  • Maybe it would serve you better to come out of the closet to express your ideas instead of funneling thoughts to imaginary friends on the Internet
  • If you prefer to remain anonymous then let me be the first to say thank you for keeping your best kept secrets (or are they opinions?) to yourself.

Wow, this blogger creeps me out. Oh wait, it’s me!
I guess what’s upsetting to Mr. Lazarou was my criticism of his piece on the Chalmers building. I happened to advocate for Kaufman’s proposal to redevelop Chalmers with an eye toward bringing a demographic that would drive new business creation. Here is a graphic supporting my heretical position:

Education and Tech Entrepreneurship-- Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation

Source: Education and Tech Entrepreneurship-- Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation

See how skewed my posts are? See how I’m being disingenuous? Oh never mind, I have no real friends; just imaginary Internet friends.
What I find disingenuous is Mr. Lazarou rushing to the defense of my imaginary slight to seniors with this:

Apparently this mysterious person finds it necessary to flush out the backbone of our community for some nomadic brief case carrying individual with a temporary residency. Our senior citizens have proven to be the most upstanding citizens that have contributed within every level of our community. Setting fine examples such as a dependable work force and paying taxes along with countless other sacrifices have proven their worth. Most of all they come with one important quality — respect for others. Did I forget to mention stability and pride in where they live?

With this paragraph,  Mr. Lazarou gives the impression that my post somehow argues to “flush out the backbone of our community”– senior citizens.  Really? I think this is what is really disingenuous as it mischaracterizes my post and also serves to avoid engaging me on the policy of Chalmers with a counterargument to an imagined strawman. What my post is really trying to flush out is Mr. Lazarou’s, the Recorder’s and likeminded supporters position on Chalmers.
As far as accusations of lack of accountability, bias, worthlessness of information, I let my posts speak for themselves. My readers, albeit imaginary, can then decide whether my blog merits their time. In fact, my readers can post comments on my blog even if they’re critical of my post and blog. Even you Mr. Lazarou may freely comment on my blog if you were to deign to do so.
At the heart of what I write lies a fundamental belief that much of the policy and ideology that has permeated decisions past and present in Amsterdam have been and continue to be profoundly wrong. As a consequence of this belief, I believe the holders of such positions are profoundly wrong as well. Whether you’re a senior citizen or a GenXer, a man or woman, a dog or cat, I really don’t care when it comes to assessing your position or advocating for mine.
I think it’s the latter point that is most salient in understanding the root of Lazarou’s criticism. You see, I’m not in the “newspaper business” and I’m not on the radio, so that makes me into a freak; a closet dwelling, delusional, mysterious freak. With a blog! Will the horrors never cease?
While Mr. Lazarou accords anonymous radio callers all due respect, I deserve none apparently. So if I were to voice the very same opinions with the very same words on the radio, that would be perfectly fine. But if you write them down in a blog, that’s a problem. Because we all know that callers on local radio share none of the characteristics Lazarou attributes to my blog: bias, skewed information, misinformation. What an utterly laughable argument.
In the end, Mr. Lazarou spends 962 words railing against bloggers, my blog, my psychological profile and not a single word presenting a cogent counterargument to my position on Chalmers. Not a single word. Lazarou’s right: I don’t understand the newspaper business.
Mr. Lazarou concludes with an ultimatum of sorts whereby I can   “come out of the closet” or “keep my opinions to myself”.
What bollocks!
Fortunately for me, I have the power of the intergalactic Internet to keep my blog up and running to “enforce my ideas upon others in a bias manner”.
So I bid you Earthlings adieu from Blogulon 7.
Thought Commander Zoltak

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4 Responses

  1. Ann Peconie says:

    In the words of my italian grandmother, “that Mike Lazarou he is a piece of work, he is really something else, he really is something, isn’t he?”. I would rather read your secret blog than any of his very BORING editorials in the Recorder, blah, blah, blah……zzzzzz!
    Commander Zoltak, now please write your thoughts about this election tomorrow…your insights on the candidates we have to pick from or else I just might vote for Ralph Nader tomorrow morning…..

  2. akagaga says:

    I suspect he’s feeling threatened by the internet, which he can’t control. There’s a certain self-importance and feeling of power that used to come with being the only paper in town. But when his subscription base slowly dies off, what will he have left? Life just isn’t fair.
    FYI: A couple years ago, I sent them a polite email telling them that if they wanted to have a real internet presence, they needed to make the site free, like all the other local papers were doing. The response I got was, “That’s what they said about cable.” So he’s not a prophet, either.
    Write on, Thought Commander.

  3. wakeupamsterdam says:

    Agree. Mr. Lazauro must be threatened that someone is more intelligent then he and that you are telling it like it is!!!! WAKE UP AMSTERDAM. I would rather read your blog than the entire Recorder. Keep on writing!! Love it.

  1. April 26, 2009

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