My Endorsements

I had a question on my endorsements so here they are. I’m restricted on time to write this in any detail to do this topic justice but it’s the best I can do. I’ll admit to being more engaged with the presidential race than the local races. That said, here we go:

President/VP — Obama/Biden — judgment, temperament, intellect, policy

US Congress 21st District — Paul Tonko — energy policy, advocate for city of Amsterdam, joins a Democratic majority in the House

State Assembly 105th District — Amedore — displeasure with Blanchfield’s negative ad

State Senate 44th District — Farley — opponent not even willing to meet with editorial board of the Recorder; how lame is that?

I have no position on the judicial candidates yet and I’ll not make up my mind until tomorrow once I vet their positions right before heading to the polls.  I will admit to a liberal leaning on judges.

I was thinking of a post on my endorsements but my schedule proved otherwise.

I look forward to tomorrow night; I think this has been a fascinating election season.


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