Tag, You’re It

I just saw the list of taglines for Amsterdam and I’m disappointed. Here is the list:

-Neighbors first. Amsterdam always.

-More than a city. Home.

-Small City. Big Heart.

-Community matters.

I’d posted (here) that the criteria for a tagline should be:

It’s this disconnect that really needs to be addressed because a slogan becomes meaningless if the slogan has no bearing to making buyers want the product. After all, the only purpose of marketing is to sell the product: it’s not slogans, it’s not Web sites, it’s not a brochure– all that is meaningless if you can’t sell it.

The only one that comes close in my mind is  “Small City. Big Heart”. That said, how do we manifest “Big Heart”? I just don’t know.

Still, it’s almost impossible to choose a slogan without a broader sense of our marketing strategy and market position. Maybe “Small City. Big Heart” is genius (and my analysis not) but I have no way of gauging the tagline without some marketing context.

This site has a list of Top City slogans in the US and at the bottom they state their methodology for ranking:

  • Attributes:Do they express a city’s brand character, affinity, style, and personality?
  • Message: Do they tell a story in a clever, fun, and memorable way?
  • Differentiation: Are they unique and original?
  • Ambassadorship: Do they inspire you to visit there, live there, or learn more?

I think this methodology applies to us as well and why I think this process needs another round of brainstorming– “Community Matters” is simply shocking.

We need to tag Zone 5 back.

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