Newton’s Third Law

Stated simply: “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.”

So for this reaction on the Walter Elwood Museum (Gazette article here):

The Walter Elwood Museum filed a notice of claim Tuesday afternoon with the Greater Amsterdam School District, a move that protects the museum’s financial future, according to Jacki Meola, president of the museum’s Board of Trustees.


The notice protects the museum in case it incurs a financial loss associated with the building’s closure as a result of the school board’s decision on Aug. 28.

And here is the action (post here):

…as board member James *Walrath* put it “Our liability ended when we closed that building. We had no choice, contrary to what the press said. We closed the building, not the museum and the museum has been disingenuous to say we closed it. We’re offended.”


“You have been in the building at the pleasure of the board; you have no lease or agreement. We don’t want to be adversarial. We could call a moving van and put everything in storage.”

If you step back and look at how we got here, it boils down to a $2500 expense (I think this is the right number) to clean out bats. And in the process, we’ve shut down the museum for four months, consumed many hours of valuable time amongst the community, the respective boards, the school administration and the museum.

If only Newton had a law that allowed travel back in time.

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