Comment Policy–Update

I do not have a published comment policy as I’ve only had to filter spam comments. Otherwise comments fall where they may whether I agree or disagree as one aspect of a blog is creating a wider debate on a host of issues. Of course, my posts are always brilliantly witty and erudite so I don’t know why you’d choose to post a different view at all  but if you absolutely must you’re welcome to do so. 😉

Today however I’ve had to delete my first non-spam comment as I felt it crossed the line. I will not edit or reedit comments to make them not ‘cross the line’– the commenter bears full responsibility for any posted comments in their entirety and I will accept or delete posts in their entirety.

Enough soapboxing: let’s keep a healthy debate going and I do look forward to your comments.

Update 1

No need for angst: if your comment appears, it passes the threshold. If you do not see your comment within a short time of submission, it may have been deleted by me or may be in queue for review.  Again, I expect the deletion  policy to apply to a very very small number of comments so please do not refrain from commenting.

And no, I cannot share the comment for you to see what crossed the line without disclosing the comment itself. I’ll admit it’s a Catch-22 but for context, I have deleted one comment of the 78 comments posted so again this is by far the exception than the rule.

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