A Marketing Tale

I posted yesterday on how our local story seemed to be heading nationally. Looks like I was right — as if I’m ever not– as here it is on CBS national news  as an AP story. (here)

What struck me first about this story — a man, a lobster, and a bag of crab legs– was that it was quite funny yet somehow you ‘get’ where the guy was coming from in an odd way. Maybe it’s my inner foodie.

Nonetheless, why should we not run with this, literally. We’re always debating how to draw people to Amsterdam, how to market the city, how to create public events, how to bolster the local economy. I think I have a seed of an idea: a crab and lobster chase.

The event involves racing with all manners of crabs and lobsters followed by a crab and lobster cookout. I’ve not thought through the racing events but surely some brainstorming would generate some interesting and hysterical ideas. To me this seems like a comedy and economic goldmine if the event would gain traction.

Marketing buzz is difficult to generate; in fact, marketing buzz is highly prized and often highly elusive.  We were just handed some; maybe we should run with it.

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