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Check out a good exchange on marketing the city between Mayor Thane and Charlie of Krab-Cakes and Football on their respective blogs here and here.

As Charlie posted this in response to my critique of the Recorder editorial, I wanted to address two issues (quickly). First, I agree with Charlie on the current physical state of the city and I’m not advocating that we ignore, sugarcoat or wish away the harsh reality of our physical environment. Quite the contrary: we should attack it dead on.

Second, I don’t agree with framing the issue on the future of our city as Optimism versus Reality for I could just as easily reframe it as Pessimism versus Reality. This gets us nowhere other than a debate on relative states of mind. What I’m trying to strive toward is a framework to get us to a better future state, a future state even Charlie believes is attainable. I see applying concepts of marketing and product management as essential tools toward building that framework and moving us to a different, better future than the downward spiral upon which we’ve descended as we’ve forsaken the principles that make this a viable city instead doing things that completely hinder progress here. In no way am I saying that the product does not matter and we can merely market; these are profoundly intertwined here: we need both.

Check out the exchange.


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