From editorial in Daily GAzette (here) on MOSA:
Now, partly because the recession has cut waste generation and partly because Montgomery County continued to let haulers in the county take their trash to non-MOSA facilities, the county’s annual penalty has swelled to over $1.05 million.
MOSA is the ultimate embodiment of the reasons for our decline: poor policy (let’s guarantee waste streams regardless of economic conditions for decades); consolidation rules! (the more entities embrace our stupid policy will save us money– ignore that the underlying economies of the entities are different); and ultimately, either faulty analysis or no analysis on the real financial cost/benefit to the deal. I find no way to justify such a horrible long term deal to public tax payers if at least a few baseline assumptions like what happens if the economy contracts were plugged into an Excel sheet and someone challenged the underlying assumption that the economy would never contract. How about an adjustment clause based upon employment or GDP growth? Of course not, that’s unthinkable.
Bravo to all for the curse of MOSA. By the way, MOSA should be the poster grandparent of bailouts because we have been bailing it out –making up for its shortfalls in revenues– with local tax dollars for quite a while.
Bravo indeed.

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