A Few Things

Good story on preservation versus development here in Gazette vis-a-vis Chalmers.

Curiously this op-ed piece from last week is no longer accessible on the Recorder free site as a link. Thankfully it does not break my blog link but as the Recorder site is dynamically generated, I run the risk that my links may be broken.

Thankfully we can move away from the topic of teabagging after a long week devoted to the topic. I’d decided if my kids asked me the definition of ‘teabagging’ that it would be easier for me to deal with explaining the less savory definition than present a cogent definition of teabagging as political propaganda movement and thought. Or I could just take a short cut and say Obama is a fascist, communist, socialist — prix fixe or a la carte– as the essence of the definition. See kids, I report, you decide.

I took the kids to Sassafrass Park yesterday and I’ve never seen the place so littered and trashed. For even more fun, I had to politely ask some teenage girls to please stop referring to each other as ‘f—ing bitches’ as they stood right next to my seven year old son. See kids, Sassafrass is the ultimate family fun in flagrant littering, penis graffiti, and grace.

Think I’ll have some tea– loose leaf.

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