New York State 2007-2008 Report Cards Released (Updated)

Update: I messed up thinking this was new data but it is actually 2007-2008 which has been previously out with the following changes:

  • School and district performance on Regents Exams including, for the first time, performance on the Regents Examination in Integrated Algebra;
  • “Disaggregated” data for the Grade 3-8 Math and English Language Arts exams;
  • Grades 4 and 8 Science and grades 5 and 8 Social Studies results;
  • Per pupil expenditures; and
  • Average class size.

The link for GASD is here if you want to look at the newly available information. I’ll still be crunching the numbers but the data will likely reflect my observations from last year. I apologize for mischaracterizing the release.

Hot off the presses Greater Amsterdam School District Report Cards

I’ll be crunching the numbers over the next few days but my cursory view shows an overall downtrend in Level 3-4 performance on a year-to-year basis across the elementary schools. Keep in mind the magnet school strategy as you look at the results.

I encourage analysis and discussion so I’ll highlight anything interesting as you post it.

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