Party Like It’s 1959

From Capital News 9 *here):

But Alderman Joseph Isabel says that proposal is unrealistic.

“This community, right now, does not have jobs to retain young, the young people. That’s the problem. Retaining people in the community. In other words, all these projects they’re pushing, you don’t build the houses before you get the people. You bring the business in,” Isabel said.

This is the red meat that has been promised to the city for decades– bring business and industry in. It’s so simple and if you look around you see how wonderfully that strategy has worked for our city: the bustling downtown, the low property tax rates and the high paying jobs that have kept our youngest and brightest here. Yes, our decades old strategy works and will continue to work!

Our local economy does not need more economic demand for housing or consumer spending. In fact, we should embrace policies that undermine demand for housing stock and real estate investment. We should advise potential investors that we do not want to be positioned as a community attractive for investment. In fact, we should dismiss and undermine the very economic arguments that would drive real estate investment into our area.

We’re so perfectly positioned for an influx of business that the very last thing we need, the very worst strategy we could adopt, and the most undesirable outcome we could imagine, is a demand side economic policy.

Party on dudes!

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