Cognitive Dissonance Alert

Update: It is slightly less than $2M so I’ve adjusted the wording below

Clarification: The approximately $2M plus dollars in incremental tax refers to the incremental levy on local property taxes ($17m to $19m if I recall )

On the $25K tax levy for Elwood Museum (Daily Gazette here):

Gina DeRossi, who currently serves as president of the GASD school board, said while she fully supports the museum itself she does not support another tax for the area’s residents. “I support the museum wholeheartedly, it’s a great resource, but I think it’s best supported by donations that are tax deductible not as another tax levy on us,” she said.

Apparently the semantics on the tax levy are such that since it is a ‘new’ tax– a newly introduced tax– we cannot support it. On the other hand, the district just added for the 2009-2010 overjust shy of $2million in incremental tax as part of the budget and that’s OK. So millions of dollars in incremental taxes are fine but a small tax to support a resource containing relevant pieces of history and culture to the area is not fine. And the historic building that used to be the museum– I won’t even go there.

As far as the budget, I’m voting against it based upon a simple principle: if you are going to extol the virtues of the Bacon closure as a source of ‘financial savings’ (ha, ha, ha) to the district while ignoring the academic impacts  — as last year and as the recent statements from Mr. Perillo– I’m going to call you on it.

I realize this position will put some jobs at risk that do look like they are necessary and that are being performed by dedicated members of the district. But those effected should ask the board and administration why they choose to sell and market the budget by marginalizing the key supporters for their budgets. All I’m doing is sending a political message, simple as that.

For the board elections, I’m going to support Ann Peconie as I believe she will challenge some of the board policies and directions as she has been not exactly a fan of the district’s decisions. We need more pushback.

I know nothing of the new candidates as there is nothing on the GASD Web site on who is running. I could see supporting Ms. DeRossi but again her statements such as above and her unwillingness to support Bacon during her initial run for the board make me not able to ultimately pull the lever.

My message to voters is simple: push back and instill consequences.

So support the museum, send a message on candidates and budgets.

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