Flippin’ and Floppin’ in Muddy Waters

After reading this post from Charlie Kraebel (here), I realize my prior post on the school district budget/board elections muddied the waters on my position toward the elections.Charlie posts:

But I think Flippin’ A is only half-right when it comes to school votes. I think a better message would be sent by showing up to polls, not pulling the “yes” or “no” on the budget question, but still participating in the election for school board, where the public actually has a voice.

To be clear :

-I will not be pulling the lever for the budget vote for the reasons I outlined

-I will be voting for the museum tax levy

-I will be voting for school board candidates as I outlined. I’m not sure who my second candidate will be as I’m not familiar with the other candidates. Any guidance on other candidates is welcomed.

I apologize for not making my stance clearer and leaving an impression to not engage in the political process. h/t Charlie for calling me out and prompting me to clarify my post and position. Good post.

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