And the Band Plays On

In yesterday’s post I addressed the inherent conflict between demanding action on infrastructure/hydrants and the financial means to do so. In short, I called out the people who rail against the problem but recoil when it comes to supporting a means to finance the project. In other words, they demand a fix as long as they do not have to pay for it.

I think the perfect illustration of this mindset — all too prevalent– is in the post below from ‘oldschool’ on the site amsterdamit (the full post is here):

It looks like a 24 million dollar plumbing bill to fix the infrastructure. OK, now some folks think that means a tax hike. Maybe, or maybe not. Why does the solution always go to a tax hike ? I agree there is no easy solution or even a quick fix solution, BUT isn’t there a POLITICAL one ? How about a POLITICAL push by the Democrat Mayor to the Democrat controlled NYS Senate and the Democrat controlled NYS Assembly and Democrat Governor for State dollars. How about a push to the Democrat Congressman and the 2 Democrat United States Senators for Economic Stimulus Money ? How about a push by all of them to the Democrat President of the United States ? I know the wish list was submitted in December 2008. Circumstances have changed. Our community has an immediate public safety problem that requires STRONG political action.


Please get this plumbing fixed. Nothing, I repeat, nothing is more important !!! Call every Democrat here and ask, no plead, for their help before someone dies in a fire. Do it today, before we have another fire.

This post perfectly illustrates the legacy mindset of this community: we need to do this NOW but don’t expect ME to PAY for it. Instead we need a ‘political solution’. WTF is that other than hoping for funding to appear which in most cases will not appear. But somehow this intellectually dishonest, disingenuous meme is mainstreamed as a tenable, respected position. What’s more galling is to take such a position under the auspices of such life and death urgency with no accountability while ducking under the issue as a ‘political’ issue. So if something tragic would occur, oldschool and ilk could blame the politicians with no personal accountability whatsoever. I should not be surprised.

And no, I do not enjoy paying taxes but at least I try to bring some realism to my positions in that if I advocate replacing a huge part of city infrastructure, I ask myself how we can pay for it. I don’t expect we plan for the city’s future using the financial equivalent of winning Lotto to fund it.You also see the same mindset with abandoned and dilapidated housing– it needs to go but then silence on how to pay for it.

And the band plays on.

And a direct note to ‘oldschool’: The party is the ‘Democratic’ party not the ‘Democrat’ party. I find it quite ironic that the very policies and party you mock is who you hope gives us the money to fund this so you may avoid any personal responsibility in the matter. But then unfettered hypocrisy is the strong suit of those who coin and toss the term ‘Democrat Party’.

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