On Grafitti

I’m curious if the school district will be held responsible for cleaning up the longstanding grafitti at Bacon school under the proposed resolution requiring property owners to remediate the grafitti (Gazette story here) or face fines. A few months ago it made for a nice photo op but nothing has been done. In fact, if you’re Pyramid Brokerage (the realty firm), the fact that your signage at Bacon is scrawled with grafitti and surrounded by weeds means you get the listing for the museum as a reward. Now that’s good marketing and attention to your listings.
And once the museum is vacated, I expect more of the same.
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  1. livefreeordie says:

    I wonder when the city of Amsterdam is going to clean up the graffiti on the abutment of the old Mohawk River bridge on the southside. It is an eyesore and very visible to anyone traveling by train through Amsterdam or by car on Route 30 or 5.
    Will the city be required to clean graffiti off of city owned properties slated for demolition.
    Speaking of beautifying the City of Amsterdam, the DPW building in the east end would almost look better if it had graffiti on it. It needs a paint job. And a fence needs to be put up so we don’t have to see rusting dumptrucks and derelict police cars when we enter the city.

  2. livefreeordie says:

    One more comment. I was considering purchasing a building in the city to run my book business out of, but an ordinance like this would be enough to keep me from buying. I would hate to have a building I own get vandalized; then I get punished for it, rather than the vandal. It’s a lot like Schenectady’s law that punishes landlords for not cleaning up their tenants’ trash. We are not teaching people responsibility when we let them get away with a crime and then punish the victim.

    • P. K. Dick says:

      So you want the option of leaving graffiti on your building indefinitely? A valuable freedom.
      I believe Albany and Schenectady both have graffiti ordinances like the one proposed in Amsterdam – at least according to the Gazette. So you have to be careful picking a store location.

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