Real Shell Buildings

From today’s Recorder story here:

Northeast Home Industries opened a 71,000-square-foot showroom and distribution facility in February 2008 in the old Ward Products building in the Edson Street Industrial Park. The company has vacated the building at 61 Edson St., however, leaving only a pile of debris outside a loading dock.

Jeff Stewart, one of the company’s partners, said the slumping economy just made it impossible for the business to continue.

“Nobody’s out buying furniture at this juncture,” he said Tuesday. “It got to the point where we were sinking more and more into it and getting nothing back.”

I post this as context for my exchange with Mr. Going on AIDA and the strategy of economic growth through shell buildings.

I’m under some time constraints over the next few`days so I’ll be looping back to some open topics and the above thread as time permits.

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