What’s the Point

Maybe it’s lack of sleep or driving all day in the rain yesterday to and from Boston but I seriously question what’s the point in even blogging as it seems to have no effect or possibly the opposite effect on the collective mindset.

You would think the school board having been chastised twice with a budget defeat by a small margin would take some time to reflect upon why it’s important to grab the voters on margin to bring the budget vote to the winning column. As I’ve pointed out ad-nauseum, a significant part of the reason budgets get defeated is that the board and administration act as if they are a separate entity from the broader community than an integral part of the community. So they do not engage the various stakeholders in the community; they’d rather push them away. Even worse, the rationale for such actions rely upon mind-numbingly ill-conceived  financial or economic rationales that if the GASD were a publicly traded company their forward looking statements on financials would be subject to an SEC inquiry.

Here’s a specific forward looking claim put forth by Mr. Walrath (Recorder story here):

During the meeting, board member James Walrath said he didn’t want the building, which is currently listed with Pyramid Brokerage Company for $325,000, to be viewed as a storage facility.

So the financial argument centers on potential buyers turning away from buying a museum building because the museum would still be storing museum pieces(!?). Think about how laughable a proposition that would be in light of the fact that the financial risks to purchase this building include a likely zoning change and the fact that the sale is subject to a public vote. But those financial risks– real risks– are ignored to instead argue that museum pieces in a museum render the sale less likely. WTF.

And Mr. Walrath, if you think selling a historic building formerly housing a museum with some errant museum pieces is viewed as a storage building, let me take you to Bacon school which in large part is a true storage facility with attendant graffiti and neglect. But then, what’s the point: that was a crowning achievement in forward-looking financials, real estate marketing and community building.

Really, why deal with this stuff. It’s a road to madness.

F’ing A.

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