Short Takes

A lot to comment on but little time so here goes:

The Constitution and Free Speech: After engaging in a thread with ilovethesun where he misstated my position on the FCC’s Equal Time rule as advocating for suppression of 1st Amendment rights, I challenged him to support this claim by articulating why this is so. The response: silence. Once again, just because you assert something does not make it true. Might work on the radio but not here.

FCC Equal Time: I see the issue is now getting traction with coverage in the Recorder. Sorry to disappoint but the purpose of my post was to assure a fair playing field for all candidates. Of course, this will get spun per the prior point as limiting free speech. Ridiculous.

Modified Sports: Mr. Liverio echos many of my same points on apathy, accountability, and stakeholders (story here). I should not be surprised that cutting sports becomes the tipping point for the community to pushback against the district. I find it unbelievable to hear parents so outraged with cuts to modified sports when they are nowhere to be found on the myriad of other issues facing the district. Apparently no pushback can be mustered around the district’s academic performance or other policy decisions but sports is sacrosanct. Once this issue resolves, the collective heads will go back in the sand. Ideally multiple stakeholder issues have some element of win-win; this issue seems like a lose-lose-lose for everybody. Apathy has a steep price.

Upcoming: I’m looking forward to reviewing the report on the golf Course from the Union students. Also curious as to the legal agreement on Chalmers.

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