Breaking: Mayor’s Comments on Weather Draw Criticism

Mayor Thane’s recent comments concerning a break in the weather from weeks of rain and overcast skies has drawn increased criticism from the public and from local media.

“Callers to our program are fuming that the mayor would suggest that sunshine and blue skies were observed in our local area. I can look out now and see that the sky is overcast with no sun and certainly no blue sky” said a prominent local radio host. “It’s troubling to hear such things especially for taxpayers.”

The controversy began when Mayor Thane remarked that on a recent morning walk she was able to enjoy a few minutes of sunshine and a cloudbreak giving way to a blue sky. “I really don’t understand the controversy. In hindsight, I’d wished it would have remained cloudy and none of this would have happened. I only wish I’d brought my camera.”

A recent analysis of local weather radar from the National Weather Service would seem to support Mayor Thane’s claim but it was quickly dismissed by a council member. “I don’t need to see a report when I can look out now and see it’s cloudy and overcast. I’m sure the agency is just issuing that radar map to support the mayor.”

The controversy developed intense interest on the blogosphere as well with a local blogger opining that: “To characterize the color of the sky as blue is dishonest and spiteful to those of us who believe the summer sky to approximate azure and bleu celeste. It is a vicious attack on our sensibilities and color palettes. What’s going to be next, calling chartreuse ‘greenish’?!”

An anonymous poster on local blog Flippin’ Amsterdam even opined that:”I’m sure the recent spate of poor weather has been orchestrated by the mayor; she can then claim credit for the sun shining. That’s what she’s trying to do. It’s shameful, especially for taxpayers.”

The common council is expected to discuss this issue as part of the next meeting agenda.

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