Curious George

I’m curious to better understand a few things kicking around my chimp-like mind so let me take a measured approach to posing some questions in the hope of sating my curiosity. If not, I’ll go back to swinging from my bars and waiting for the man in the yellow hat, or perhaps, the man in the white coat. (Or woman…)

Thing 1

From the Recorder story (here):
Thomas Perillo took his second oath as superintendent and said that in his second year, he’s eager to reach out to the community, saying that “the communication piece is not there.” He said he plans to make a radio appearance the day after every board meeting where he will respond directly to concerns from the community.

I’m curious why the radio demographic and why solely radio as a communications medium. Curious.

Thing 2
Apparently the Capital District Business Review has released rankings of the capital district schools. I know our ranking is in the bottom tier. I don’t see any local discussion or coverage of the schools report.  Curious.

Thing 3
A story in the Recorder on Chalmers a while back highlighted how Mr Baia and Mr Leggeiro were going to hold a southside meeting for all residents to weigh in on Chalmers. Why so long for such a meeting and why has it not taken place? Curious.

Thing 4
The Amsterdam Teachers Association (ATA) is now advocating for restoration of modified sports. Why advocacy on sports versus academics and other programs? Curious.

Thing 5
Seems the Golf Course report is getting little traction and coverage. Curious.

Thing 6

The debates on a host of issues seem polarized.  Not so curious.

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