Apparently the identity of the blog poster shadycat will be revealed on WCSS today.  I’m posting this before the announcement so as of now, I do not know the identity of shadycat and more importantly I do not care to know.

What I do care to know is why shadycat would be singled out for disclosure on the radio. Supposedly shadycat is a public figure so this justifies their outing for posting anonymous comments on a blog(s).

Now I do not know under what circumstances their identity was discovered so I do not want to get too far ahead of the story but let me pose some questions running through my chimpish mind as this unfolds:

– Was shadycat’s identity revealed by the blog administrator or host? If so, to whom was that information revealed?

-Does shadycat’s characterization of South Side residents justify a public disclosure of comments made anonymously? If so, must we then disclose the identity of anonymous blog posters whose comments we find insulting or distasteful?

-Will public disclosure of anonymous commenters only apply to the Web or does the same standard apply to radio callers?

-Will WCSS adopt similar tools for their anonymous callers such as caller ID to  discover their identity ? Does WCSS employ caller ID  for their radio shows? Does WCSS keep a record of such calls and callers? How about WVTL as well?

-What privacy policies do local radio stations adopt for their anonymous callers? And other blogs?

My policy: I do not disclose identities. Period.

However, if you casually mention to friends and associates that you post on this blog , chances are they can figure it out. But it won’t have come from me.

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