Indefinite Break (Updated)

Update: I’m rethinking comment policy and guidelines; I’m not going to tolerate threats of physical violence much less racist and misogynistic screeds. Not where I thought this blog would head but the weekend posts were a sober reminder that a downward spiral was underway. I’m struggling with how to reconcile fostering an open exchange of ideas while keeping a standard of civility in the dialogue and at the same time not overtaxing myself with being an administrative nanny or censor. At the same time, I’ve had limited time to reflect on this over the weekend and the next few days. Bottom line: changes are afoot.

I am opening up comments in the meanwhile; let’s put our best game on. Please. And thanks.

I asked a while ago to ‘raise the game’ in terms of discussion.

Regrettably the game instead is teeming with posts that do nothing to raise the game– today I’ve deleted 3 posts due to sexist and racist content and permanently deleted F.George from further posts.


Until further notice I’m not posting ANY comments. I did not start this blog to put up with pure rubbish.

We’re all on a collective timeout. No posts/no comments. Nothing

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