Reality Bites

I happened to check my blog traffic and it seems to be on a tear today. From my blog hits and search terms, it looks like it’s the shadycat issue likely driven by the Recorder story here.

I’m more than concerned that the debate on Chalmers will now be framed as some referendum on shadycat’s comments with the pro-Chalmers arguments somehow framed as affirming shadycat’s ‘argument’ and reduced to somehow endorsing the statements.  I’m not saying it’s rational or reasonable; I’m saying it’s gaining political traction and a way to reframe the debate. And as it does it adds another club to the anti-Chalmers arsenal.

Again, the reality is that the issue is not going away and from the public statements, I’m not sure this issue will go away as they are just kicking the can down the street. If you look at the public statements from the Democratic Party prior to today’s, I’m not sure who would buy them; I’m certainly not.

Someone needs to own and then disown the comments against the SouthSide before Chalmers and other issues get ‘pwned’ instead.

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