More Awesomely Great News

The Recorder features some of the awesomest news on residential development as funding for Key Bank rehabilitation has fallen through (here). Here is the salient part:

This spring, the city applied for Phase III of the program, and denoted that the funds, which were not to exceed $2.5 million, would be used towards rehabilitation of the former Key Bank building on East Main Street. Plans for the building have included luxury apartments on the top floors, office space throughout the rest of the seven floors and maybe a business on the first floor.

What’s awesome is that we sustain the current lack of residential development and residential investment in the community. That’s the path to success.

Plus ‘luxury apartments’? In Amsterdam?! Please!! It’s clear that this is a boondoggle as no one will ever choose to live or rent in Amsterdam. In fact, this is merely a clever dodge for Section 8 housing and we all know the very concept of adaptive reuse of historic buildings makes no sense when you could tear it down and build a strip mall or have an empty lot on which an awesomely viable commercial venture will start that will kickstart  Amsterdam’s economy.

Tune into WCSS and the local radio hosts and callers –especially local elected leaders– will set the record straight on the utter impossibility of luxury apartments in the city.   They’ll set the hapless owner and sponsor of this project straight for sure. Also tune in when they announce schedule for the fireworks celebration for the failure to get funding and the demise of luxury apartments as a marketable concept.  Woo hoo!

Finally I hope the editorial board of the Recorder weighs in with an editorial on a ticking clock as that building has been there a long time and something’s got to be done NOW. Tick tock…

Even awesomer than our funding fail is that Kaufmann’s funding for rehabing a historic property in Broadalbin has fallen through (here).  I’m not sure why their mayor is so disappointed as the building may have to be razed. Who cares about historic properties when you could ‘tear it down’ and build new commercial properties or even better, a parking lot. Don’t they see how brilliantly it has worked here?

What an awesome day so far. It can only get awesomer from here.

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