Primary Things

Given my July post called Like Totally Awesome, it should not be a surprise that I enthusiastically support Bob Martin for third ward..

If you read my prior posts, you will see that my policy differences with Mr. Going and Ms. DeRossi are marked, to say the least, on the major challenges facing our city and with Ms. DeROssi, my differences over the school district strategy and policy, differ radically, to say the least.

And it should not be a surprise that I am not impressed of Mr. Wierzbicki’s strategy and policy (here):

“I believe that administrations have yet to put together an aggressive marketing plan to market this community, and what we have to sell is our natural resource of good, clean water.

So the revival strategy relies upon good clean water. I’m stunned. I need not and should not say more.

Primary day is September 15th, tomorrow.

Finally, and let me be clear, I will not tolerate personal attacks regardless of candidate.  Attack issues and policies, not candidates and their families.

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