Metrics and Risk

A few thoughts on the fire and hydrant failure given the comments (here) and also just from a public safety perspective. To even begin to develop a policy and approach, I think the following criteria need to be met:
— A framework to deal with assessing and quantifying the risk
— A measurable process and measurable outcomes to be managed effectively
–A measurable and known inventory of hydrants
— A clear demarcation of accountability and ownership of the process
–A thoughtful, reasoned approach to dealing with the inherent cost to risk compromises
— A transparent process on the above
While I’ve been critical of those who rail against the state of the hydrants and yet expect a free ride by not wanting to pay for it, I do not think that the issue remains intractable.
I think this process needs a rational, reasoned quantitative approach as it is fundamental to public safety. I know in our political climate that that’s like expecting a unicorn to appear; nonetheless, the process needs to be sound.
On a side note, the tenor of fear given the random crimes of late plus this issue is rising; and that’s not a healthy environment for reason and pragmatism to actually solving some gnarly problems . That said, I do not want to project too far forward with just a few incidents on either issue but the important distinction is that the hydrants can be addressed through a well-defined process and analysis, that’s what needs to be done or articulated to the extent things have been done or are defined per the above.

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