Thursday Throwdown

The GASD tries to sweeten the listing to sell the former museum building (here). I suppose an empty, historic building in a residential neighborhood proves the ‘fiscal responsibility’ of the GASD board. Kudos. I’m going to speculate a bit here that as the original proposition submitted to voters was illegal (selling land to which you have no title), the GASD should submit the next sale to voters for approval. Of course, that is more money spent by the district, but even though the costs in selling the building exceeds the ‘savings’ from not remediating the bats, I’m sure that is just more ‘fiscal responsibility’.

A slew of changes on the GASD board (here).  Funny how the word ‘academics’ is never uttered in a story on the GASD; let’s hope that ‘fiscal responsibility’ carries through with the new board as well. I’m curious as to Mr. Bechtel’s statement here: “One of the reasons I decided to run six years ago is I thought the board was pretty under-represented for parents of young children. Having young children at the time, I thought I could correct that balance.” Wow, if shuttering the elementary school in your neighborhood against the majority of parents’ wishes shows ‘representation’, I’m hoping that the new members don’t represent me at all.

The notion of epistemic closure remains alive and well in the local Republican party (here). Here’s the line: “”There is a stark realization that the Republicans were right all along … the opportunity is before us to nurture this resurgence.”

See kids, financial and banking deregulation as but one example, prove the point. Because they say so it must be true.

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