Growth Industry

The Recorder editorial rightly calls out Assemblyman Amedore on the pedestrian bridge (here):

Instead of asking a television reporter, perhaps Amedore should ask someone in the state Legislature. If he really thinks it can be redirected, why isn’t he doing something about it? After three years as Amsterdam’s assemblyman, he has had plenty of time to find out the answer to his question.

Let’s keep in mind that insulting and mocking the notion of Amsterdam succeeding in any manner whatsoever plays well with the locals; that’s why it’s a growth industry locally and we have so many players entering the market. Where else does a majority of the public continue to elect leaders and to embrace ideas that embrace the cultural self-loathing and self-induced failure of the past and future? Or to elect leaders who offer nothing but demagoguery and ideology to solve issues requiring hard dollars and political capital?

Why, we even get hours of local programming dedicated to growing this market and reaching its core audience. Typically I put the local press in the same industry so it’s heartening to see otherwise today.

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