Buzz Kill

I’m not sure of my tea leaf reading on this but it seems that the Hero/Beech-Nut is not getting much buzz or excitement. I’d think that landing the headquarters of an international company would generate more buzz locally. If a small business shuts down, the chorus wails on the dismal state of the local economy. Why not more buzz on the flip side? Why no positive buzz? And why are we not leveraging from a marketing side such a large win. Perhaps we are to the outside world  but we also need some serious marketing inside.  Why let the buzz killers constantly frame the debate and tone?

I also find a lesson in terms of the motorcycle shop opening on Route 67 in the almost imploded former gas station. The narrative is supposed to work as follows: demolish the building, put in on a for sale list, expect AIDA to market it, look for a business to move in, gnash and wail on how taxes are too high all the meanwhile. I think it illustrates an entrepreneurial mindset that often gets overlooked here: businesses enter markets based on expected demand for their good or service and what we often think of as the right process or ‘the way things should be’ or the litany of reasons why something will not work is sometimes  wholly irrelevant and noise to business creation.  People start businesses for a myriad of reasons completely removed from supply side considerations alone.

Just some thoughts.

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