A few tidbits from a few stories of late (here and here):

In continued marketing initiatives at the Amsterdam Municipal Golf Course, the Golf Commission has struck a deal with another city asset.
Flippin’ here. ‘Marketing’! That’s blasphemous, is it not, to consider marketing anything in the city.

And then this:

Course membership is about even with this time last year, he said. Earlier this year, Golf Commission members increased rates $25 across the board

Flippin’ here. You mean that raising fees did not plummet membership and revenues. Am I to believe that given  constant membership with higher fees, we would see revenues actually increase from last year.  How can that be? I thought those Union kids just did not know the ‘reality’ of our golf course. Pesky kids.

And finally:

The idea was to make some money to add some things to the community once this [Bridge Street] construction supposedly gets underway,” said Raiano.

Some possibilities for the proceeds include banners for Bridge Street that read “Little Italy, Amsterdam” or “Port Jackson.”

Flippin’ here again. I thought banners and branding and slogans and marketing and promotion were just boondoggles of an epic proportion or more aptly, delusional episodes by their advocates. I’d understood that we can do no such thing like promotion and marketing unless every blighted house, every speck of litter, every rusty hydrant, every criminal misdeed and any browned blade of grass has been wholly excised from the city. What gives?!

It’s all Heresy,  I daresay.

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