Et Tu, Shared Services?

I think this speaks for itself (from here):

One idea that raised the ire of supervisors was the possibility of the county turning over some of its roads to the individual towns, saving the county the cost of maintenance, but doing so by shifting that burden to the towns. The possibility of cutting staff in the sheriff’s department or Department of Public Works also led to warnings of caution.

And this as well (from here):

The Amsterdam Common Council approved a list of real property for public auction Tuesday, as well as the possibility of an additional 50-plus properties being added to the city’s demolition list.After decreasing Thane’s $1 million request for demolition for 2010-11 in the Capital Projects list to $200,000, the Common Council never bonded for the expense. According to a report issued recently by City Controller Heather Reynicke, there is $163,179 remaining in the demolition account.

“It’s something I wouldn’t mind revisiting, but I don’t think it has the support of the council,” said 3rd Ward Alderwoman Gina DeRossi, who voted against Bridge Street bonding in capital projects because she would have preferred the funds be put toward demolition.

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