Simply Sad

Imagine this:

An August auction of Amsterdam property has left its mark on the 2011 tentative assessment roll, which was recently completed and filed by City Assessor Calvin Cline.

Of the 134 parcels sold in the auction, more than $1.4 million went back on the assessment roll.

“Prior to the auction, the parcels were not generating revenue because people either weren’t paying taxes or the city already owned the parcel,” said Cline.

And contrary to the speculation and criticism that followed the auction, not one of the properties purchased at the auction will be tax exempt in 2011, including the 48 purchased by the Buddhist non-profit group the World Peace and Health Organization. The deadline to apply for a tax exempt status for 2011 was Dec. 1, and Cline said there were no applications.

Let’s remember that the sale to the WPHO was harshly criticized and not surprisingly, opposed for taking a chance on renovating and restoring the homes versus demolishing them.  And let’s not forget the ensuing crisis and panic by the demagogues as these properties most certainly were to be  off the tax rolls as tax exempt. We could not tolerate any more tax-exempt properties in the city!

I only raise this because the numbers here are quite straightforward: the WPHO will invest dollars in renovation and simultaneously keep assets on the tax rolls as opposed to spending money to demolish and then landfill the sites along with the further loss of urban density. Look how utterly misguided the opposition’s policies are in light of this regardless of how forcefully they assert their devotion to “lowering taxes” and “protecting seniors”. They advocate policies that achieve precisely   opposite outcomes than they advocate.

And let’s also remember the stunning silence at a real case when a tax-paying property most definitely went to a tax-exempt entity.

So what do you do when the numbers undermine your position and your propaganda? You just stake another position on how this turn of events now imposes a burden on the codes department.

See, if you take away the hope of demolition, folks just get agitated as they have nothing else to latch onto. They certainly cannot advocate for a constructive agenda as that would suggest possibilities exist beyond a downward spiral. Plus, how will they protect the seniors and lower our taxes if they are not tearing stuff down? Or tearing others down?

It’s sad really.

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