Red Light District

Given the recent incident at the GASD and with a large number of blog hits for people searching for some variant of ‘GASD’ and ‘porn’, I expertly recovered the images in question from the computer.

As a fair warning, readers outside of 12010 will find this variety of porn to be suspect. However, to those within 12010, this is indeed salacious so please browse responsibly the images below. To help outside readers, I have captioned the photos to better articulate their pornographic interest to 12010 readers.

I have to admit to a lack of self-restraint here as my hope with this blog was to raise the bar on civic discourse. Instead I have been reduced to publishing the images below. But maybe it’s just me; after all, if no one cares about the substantive aspects of the recent incident at the GASD, caring instead for the salacious, I should be responsive to the demands of the audience. So here you go.

Nothing like group dirty talk on 'sharing services'. Perfect for your iPod as it's all audio and no action. Smokin'!

Wow, look at the size of that parking lot! Now that's one hot mall!

Reality-based porn: Shuttered schools dressed in graffiti and blight-- super hot!

Fantasy-based porn: Sure, it's Photoshopped but shuttering another school and selling it. Irresistible! Rumored to originate from former board members.

Smashing, grinding and swinging -- nothing hotter than demolition or the promise of demolition! Shwing!

Who needs 'performance enhancers' when you can listen to WHSPPPMR and WSOGBBC? Dirty, dirty talk on filthy, filthy people like the dogooders, liberals, the outsiders, the Buddhists, the Spanish, the welfare. No 900 number required! Sample audio: 'Ohhh, tell me how you'll cut my taxes and pay for my infrastructure. '

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