Wonderland 12010

I have many names for the budget process , some more impolite than others, so it’s hard to temper comments on the Corporation Counsel controversy as that now entwines itself in the budget controversy. But let me ask a few questions , impolite I’m afraid:

1) Why not nearly the outrage at salary increases at the GASD administrators versus the Corp Counsel? Oh right, the Corp Counsel actually performs above expectations.

2) Why is it fine for everyone else to advise on city on various matters “off the record” if you will  but not for the Corp Counsel? Curious, no?

3) Is it not fact that the Corp Counsel’s budget and hence support staff was reduced by a previous Common Council for, let’s say it politely, less than economic  reasons?

4) And the most important question: What determines how much someone should be compensated? Is it not in part based upon experience, time and expertise? Or are salaries wholly constructs of collective opinion that states something akin to “as little as possible”. This is the similar argument against school teachers who basically “earn too much”.

Our budget process should be bottled as shampoo: Lather, rinse, repeat.

PS Just to counter the inevitable demagoguery at the common council meeting tonight: I’m one of the people who voted for Thane and DeCusatis so when you say you speak “for the people”, please expressly state the caveat excluding me and the majority that voted for Mayor Thane.




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