Meme Watch – June 2012

Here we go:

“line-by-line” — apparently the way to administer and manage a $27 million budget is to review it line by line just like people do with their family budgets.  Because we all know your household budget precisely mirrors municipal budgets: families collect tax revenues, manage hundreds of municipal employees, payout to retirees, pay and service bonds, and on. As a family, I’m sure you have to same experience as my wife and I do: “Honey, I think we need to renegotiate our collective bargaining agreements with the collective bargaining units as they expire this year. And don’t forget to call Moody’s on about our bond rating, I’d hate to see a few basis point rise in our ability to finance long-term capital projects, sweetie.”

“it’s in the report” — the proponents of the C&D landfill always claimed that the justification for the C&D landfill is “in the report”. No worries folks,  just look at the report and all will be answered. Well, if you actually read the report like me or those adjudicating the case, you would actually find that it is not in the report. Here’s what the court had to say: Nevertheless, AIDA’s findings statement utterly fails to meet the requirement that it “weigh and balance relevant environmental impacts with social, economic and other considerations” and “provide a rationale for [its] decision” (6 NYCRR 617.11 [d]). 

This meme relies upon the keen human insight that no one will actually pore over hundreds of pages of PDFs preferring instead to be spoonfed memes over the local airwaves. Simple as that. Trust me, it’s in the report.

“AIDA will [fill in the blank with wonderful achievement]” — see role of AIDA in prior meme

“Crime is out of control in the city” or “Amsterdam is not safe” — a favorite of the airwaves especially with the rarefied gentry who reside in the towns. What is more gentrified than braving the mean streets of the city to wend one’s way to the local Wal-Mart and Dunkin’ Donuts for a “night out”? When one lives in the equivalent of Scarsdale, as some claim their town approximates, is it any wonder our city is an urban hellscape?

Interestingly, the gentry remain mum with noses upturned when confronted with the fact that Mayfield now has a higher murder rate in 2012 of 1 murder per 6500 versus the city’s murder rate of 1 murder per 9000. I daresay that this now makes the city equivalent to Tuxedo Park.

I’m sure folks will hit the airwaves armed with this data point. You betcha’!

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