Expected and Expected

This is surprising how?: 

Norwegian media are reporting that Snoop Dogg was briefly detained in Norway after entering the country with marijuana and a large amount of cash.

Not to play journalist here, but a real story would be one where Snoop had no weed and no cash. That would be a story.

Meanwhile, on the SCOTUS decision on health care,  , This is surprising how:
 This is a time of choice for the American people. If we’re going get rid of Obamacare we’re going to have to replace President Obama. My mission is to make sure we do exactly that,” Romney said after the Supreme Court upheld most of the law.

I’m sure a disappointment to the Romney camp ‘cus how are you going to get cheers at the convention from people dying simply because they can’t afford health insurance? Of course, it’s the principle of moral hazard versus one of a wholly inefficient, misaligned health care system. That must be it.

Let’s also savor the irony the counter argument here: if elected, the very same candidate and party who so clamored against the lack of Constitutionality of the act would hope to repeal the act –wait for it– by intimating of an executive order to repeal the act. Ah, nothing like the warm embrace of executive power when you’re the one with the pen in the Oval Office and the need to reel it in when you are not. Constitution, Shmonstitution.

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