Obey Your Master

According to local folklore, courtesy of the local airwaves, the city has “people leaving in droves” and the number of houses for sale is skyrocketing with virtually every home on the market compared to a few months ago and last year. Or so we’re told by our overlords, the town people.

I hate to ruin the fine sport of our local town folks as they drive through the city, looking down upon the mere peasants, as they wend their way to their town estates. Still, at its core, the claim is simply rubbish and demonstrably untrue. Not to say this will temper the propaganda and misinformation but maybe it will give you small measure of comfort, when trying to mount a counterargument to the good towns people at one of their highbrow events, typically held in the snack food aisle at WalMart. After all, it is in the town.

While the report below reflects Montgomery County as a whole, it’s quite likely that an explosion in listings in the city would show as a jump in listings and given the large supply of homes, we would expect prices to fall ,days on market to increase and inventory to rise. After all, this is what economic principles would lead us to believe.

But the funny thing is that the data shows the opposite: fewer listings, higher prices and homes selling more quickly. So either our overlords are totally fucking clueless or the city, statistically speaking, somehow manages to look nothing like the county of which it is a large part. I’ll bet it’s the former.

What irks me is that sheer misinformation and a disdain for fact-based reality then molds perceptions that then shape policy and strategy. Even worse is the embrace of this nonsense from people who live in the city, lulled into believing that all is bad, and nothing good, thanks to folks who are not only ill-informed but intent on disparaging the city merely to enhance their self-standing. If I had more time and motivation, I’d start my own media outlet whose only purpose would be bashing the towns; I think it would be pretty easy to turn the tables on our overlords by exposing the less than regal aspects of the towns. Who knew your socioeconomic strata was defined by the number of cars on blocks on your stately grounds?

That sounds like a fun event for us city folk for a nice Sunday drive. We can play that game too.

Here are the numbers:

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