Woo Hoo!

More great news for the demolitionists as Esquire faces the wrecking ball! Let’s not forget the demolitionists’ underlying religiosity on demolition — the more we wreck, the better off we are. Of course, the funding for demolition through bonding and its attendant costs to the taxpayers is wholly dismissed and ignored as that is preferable to an out-of-town developer seeking to repurpose the building. 

But we all know the reason taxes are so high here — per the demolitionists, it’s certainly not a failure to drive development; it’s a failure to tear ever more stuff down. If they were aligned with Dr Evil, they would take their 100 billion dollars and level every last structure in the city.


That would be an amazing parking lot. Then and only then, would Amsterdam turn around.

Speaking of parking lots, I’m baffled why we need to woo developers on Chalmers Parking Lot 1000– the opponents to the repurposing the Chalmers buildings assured us that local developers were literally waiting in the wings and unlike outside developers who would seek profits, they would by virtue of their being local, build something truly wonderous and in no way seek to make a profit. Not a single penny more as they are local, not outsiders, from exotic lands like anywhere outside a zip code of 12010.

And you know how wonderous the site will be? Of course not, they can’t tell you as that takes away its wonderousness! That would ruin everything. Silly rabbits. Just content yourself that it will be wonderful. So again, I’m at a loss why we need to do yucky things like marketing when we must surely have a legion of local developers just clamoring for a chance to build a Stewarts/FasTrac wonderous thing.

So I don’t raise the ire of local pundits and local leaders I want to clarify my point on profits: profit-seeking is vile and despicable act when practiced by outsiders for development in the city; profit-seeking is irrelevant for local developers as that is not why they develop, they are local developers whose sole purpose is to help better the city and any project they pursue has nothing to do with profits — how dare you suggest otherwise!; and finally, for the local radio audience, all hail profits as the essence of capitalism with the caveat that you should never pay a penny more than you paid last year for any good or service– how dare they make money off of our seniors.

I think that covers it.



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