This is embarrassing in light of my recent jest with Charlie on presumed-to-be  terrorist telemarketing: 

“This video, obtained from a credible third-party source, features grainy footage of a group of men strongly believed to be al-Qaeda members making phone solicitations for vacation-home rentals, long-distance phone service, magazine subscriptions, and a vast array of other products and services,” CIA Director George Tenet said at a press conference. “Many of these calls have occurred, unthinkably, during the dinner hour.” 


Among the victims of al-Qaeda’s telemarketing efforts is Coral Gables, FL, retiree Bernice Parks, who last Friday spent nearly 45 minutes trying to say no to a pushy aluminum-siding salesman who identified himself only as “Mohammed,” only to give in and order full siding for her home. It is believed that the $3,000 charged to Parks’ credit card—an amount she thought to be “a rock-bottom value, especially compared to what big companies like Sears charge”—was funneled through al-Qaeda’s extensive siding cartel. 

I’m sorry I made light of this very real threat.

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