Return to Sender (Updated)

Last November in 2011, the supervisors had harsh words for the administration of our fair city in terms of our budgets and taxes and even expressed it in a letter:

In addition, it is an affront to every constituent in the City who approved a 3% tax cap


It is not our intent to question your administrative duties within the Cityof Amsterdam, but we will not apologize for the ill affects this decision would have on our constituencies.

Perhaps we should simply photocopy the letter and readdress it to the supervisors given this:

Montgomery County’s preliminary 2013 budget includes a 3 percent average tax increase and no layoffs, and uses $1.3 million from the county fund balance.

What makes the hypocrisy hypocrisier is that if the 3% tax hike average hits the city of Amsterdam, because of the rates of tax levy, an increase of 3% in county tax rate translates into an equivalent 3.66% tax rate increase in city taxes.
Maybe it’s just me but are the supervisors not imposing well above a 3% tax increase to the city if we baseline it to the city tax rate? Talk about an affront.
But don’t worry folks, they can blast through the tax cap and still protect our seniors: 

Glen Supervisor Lawrence Coddington said today he was nervous about cutting the Office for Aging funding.

“I find that a difficult cut,” Coddington said, stating the office provides a service that is paramount to many of the community’s elderly citizens.

Methinks the supervisors should pen their letter, seal the envelope and stamp “Return to Sender”.
Update: Meals on Wheels gets the axe too so more protecting of seniors apparently. Remember kids: you can’t raise greens fees on seniors who golf — they need to protected! — but the ones who sit home dependent upon others for a meal — not so much:

Montgomery County’s Meals on Wheels program may be in serious jeopardy.

Funding for the Office of Aging has been cut from county treasurer, Shawn Bowerman’s, proposed 2013 budget. Bowerman tells us the nearly $200,000 cut will likely affect the office’s Meals on Wheels program.

 It would appear to me that some of our towns folk could step up to plate and share the service of the road patrol and/or make cuts to protect the seniors for which they ostensibly care so dearly.

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