VP Debate Reax

Compared to Jim Lehrer, Martha Raddatz reigns supreme. I thought her questions were tough, direct and really a lesson in journalism. My only minor critique is that she should have called out Biden a bit more on the interruptions.
I thought Biden in substance was very prepared and methodical; I did not like the constant smiling but understand the strategy. I think you can dismiss the ludicrousness of the Ryan/Romney ideas without so much smiling.
I think Ryan scored points on Libya and how the administration response has shifted. Not sure how much people tune into the Libyan situation however.
I won’t cover old ground on my disdain for the soundness of the Romney/Ryan economics — the plan lacks any substantive basis and as the debate pointed out, no one can articulate the economics to the tax plan and no one can articulate how you can escalate defense spending, cut everyone’s taxes 20% , etc. It’s nonsensical.
As far as Ryan’s mastery of statistics, his pointing to the unemployment rate in Scranton as higher under Obama as indicative that unemployment is higher everywhere, is really a marvelous statement on many levels — all of it untrue.
Clearly the tone will be sharper and more aggressive moving forward, it will be interesting next Tuesday. If time allows, I may live blog it; I’ll advise

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  1. I thought Raddatz was excellent right up until the end. I had no problem with the abortion question, but I didn’t like that the candidates’ religion was brought into it. Sounds like a religious test to me, and that’s something the founders wanted to avoid.
    I honestly doubt last night’s debate was any kind of game-changer. Both guys were there to defend their bosses, and that’s what they did. Entertaining? Yeah. Move the needle? Probably not by much.

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